Class Winners – Novelty

Judge – Bev White (Maneric)

“I enjoyed judging these classes very much. There were some beautiful dogs and some great photos which made decision making very hard in many cases. Thank you all for entering.”

Class 19 – Pet Dog

(9 entries/photographs)

Winner of Pet Classes

1st (190) Frodo Witfoot from Hobbits Home – Lieke Geurts

Critique “lovely sable and white head study. Very balanced head with good stop, correct eye placement and ear carriage. Looks to have a good neck. Photo is excellent and captures the kindness, elegance and dignity of the Smooth Collie perfectly.”

Class 20 – Pet Bitch

(7 entries/photographs)

Runner Up of Pet Classes

1st (207) Mimosa Cotton from Hobbits Home – Anita van Bussel

Critique “a very well balanced tricolour. Lovely body with correct proportions, substance but not losing femininity. Very good neck and very nice head. Good bone and angulations. The photo is charming and shows the playfulness and charm of our beautiful breed.”

Class 21 – Brace (2 Smooth Collies)

(30 entries/photographs)

Winner of Brace/Group Classes

1st (384) Selbit Skaly and Tender Wind’s Majestic Maggie – Sari Mattero

Critique “two top quality Smooths, very even in type. Both have superb chests and good straight legs with good bone. Their heads look balanced with superb ear carriage, lovely eyes and expressions. I loved the photo as it shows the beauty of the Smooth Collie when attentive and the enquiring expression.”

Class 22 – Group (3 or more Smooth Collies)

(20 entries/photographs)

Runner Up of Brace/Group Classes

1st (178) – Straightline’s group

Critique “a group of very well matched young tricolours. Each one shows excellent breed type. Such black glossy coats, good tan and bright whites. Very appealing photograph and well done to the handler and photographer for capturing them.”

Class 23 – Best Action Shot

(39 entries/photographs)

“Wow – this was hard – so many excellent photos.”

1st (99) Jack Mack’s Kadfael klis – Bärbel u. Bernhard Hofer

Critique “this photo fills my heart with joy. A free running smooth, smiling face, running towards the camera with his greyhound friend in hot pursuit. Lovely background too.”

Class 24 – Rainbow Bridge

(33 entries/photographs)

“This was a difficult class to judge. So many beautiful dogs who I know meant so much to their owners. I loved them all.”

1st (360) Sandcastle´s King Of The Swing – Jana Semianová

Critique “really beautiful sable dog. So well balanced with good bone, correct body proportions and angulations. Super reach of neck and balanced head with correct stop. Correct ear carriage. A very lovely dog.”