Club Show Results

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Open Show Results

May 2022 (Show 2)Smooths – Abby Lusty
Roughs – Stefani Flower
SACs – Deb Bell
May 2022 (Show 1)Smooths – Brian Hull
Roughs – Di Collino
SACs – Kirsty Russell
August 2021Smooths – Darren Clarke
SAC – Lisa Tyler Jackson
May 2019Smooths – Kate Arrowsmith
Roughs – Yvonne McGrath
SAC – Britt Marie Young
April 2018 Smooths – Maxine Mellish
Roughs – John Geddes
SAC – Hannah Walder

May 2017 Smooths – Marianne Benton
Roughs – Toni Jackson
SAC – Abby Lusty

BIS – Trevor Hayward
May 2016 Smooths – Claire Norman
Roughs – Delia Moores
SAC – Amy Kinsey
May 2015 Smooths – Simon Burton
Roughs – Mrs J Stevens
SAC – Brenda Trundley
Smooth Collie Critique

Championship Show Results

September 2021Birgit Hayward
August 2021Delia Moores
August 2019 Frank Kane
September 2018 Mrs V Geddes
September 2017 Stuart Mallard
September 2016 Smooths – Geoff Hyde
Roughs – Isobel Griffiths
BIS – Christine Leach
Smooth Collie Critique
September 2015 Smooths – Charlotte Hoier
Roughs – Charlotte Hoier

September 2014
Smooths – Piia Enlund
Roughs – Mina Manninen

Smooth Collie Critique
September 2013
Smooths – Maria Foulston
Roughs – Sue Hewart-Chambers
BIS – Aileen Speding

Smooth Collie of the Year

2021SCOTY Judges:
Bev White, Val Geddes and Graham Hill
Puppies and Vetera
Edith Pryor
2019SCOTY Judges:
Mike Vincent, Sophie Wray and Christina Bailey
Puppies and Veterans:
Caz Waterhouse
2018 Judges:
Mrs Birgit Hayward, Mrs Ros MacDonald & Mr Terry Munro
Jenny Miller, Pat Lister & Angela Harvey
Marked catalogue
Isobel Griffiths, Pam Blay & Joan Fryer Clark
2015 Judges:
Mrs S Clark, Mrs F Sargeant & Miss T Wilkinson