Open Show

Saturday, 14th May 2022

The Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain held two Open Shows on one day, with classes for both Smooth and Rough Collies.

Show One


Smooth Collies – Mr Brian Hull (Lizmark)

Rough Collies – Mrs Di Collino (Imaginist)

Best in Show – Mrs Fran Kaye (Danfrebek)

SACs (Smooths only) – Mrs Kirsty Russell (Koczkodan)

Show Two


Smooth Collies – Miss Abby Lusty (Blamorder)

Rough Collies – Stefani Flower (Serenlas)

Best in Show – Mrs Hannah Walder (Hanvale)

SACs (Smooths only) – Ms Deb Bell

Bearley Village Hall
Snitterfield Road
Stratford on Avon
CV37 0SB