Living with a Smooth Collie

Estelle and Sebastian’s story

Sebastian is a 7.5 year old Smooth Collie who is a joy to live with. He is gentle, calm and chilled at home but enjoys a good run and having zoomies with his one year old fur sister Kestrel (an Australian Kelpie).
Seb is amazing with my three children and is very versatile. He competes in the show ring, has earned his kennel club good citizen dog scheme bronze, silver and gold awards, has his rally obedience level 1 and level 2 titles (only needing one more for level 3), and is a registered PAT dog.

He also enjoys doing some fun agility, canicross and sheep herding. During lockdown he also tried his paw at trick training and earned his Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Trick Dog Titles by demonstrating over 25 different tricks. Seb’s favourite walk is to the beach, although he isn’t a fan of swimming.
He is affectionately known as Sebastian, Seb, Sea-Bass, Zeb Zebbedy, Debby and Big nose.

Emma & Lyra’s story

“Having decided the time was right for our first dog, we were recommended a Smooth Collie by a family member and long time owner.  I brought home Lyra in May 2018. I can’t begin to put into words how Lyra has changed my, no saved, my life! I live with depression and she has been the best treatment and medicine ever administered. In the words of a dog behaviourist friend, “You don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need”! And oh, how I needed Lyra my beautiful Smooth Collie!

They are exceptionally intelligent, loyal beyond words, sensitive and bold. I’m a first time dog owner and Lyra and I are learning together. From puppy classes, proprioception classes to ringcraft classes, to the show ring itself (including Crufts) and now agility, the latter in which she is very driven.

Lyra is very social with other dogs, and is loved by all her local doggie friends and their owners, for the joy and playtime she brings. She has even been booked by a local dog training school to help very shy dogs in one-one training for socialisation.

Lyra is very fast and playful, and enjoys herding up the other dogs and any roaming humans. I often get asked how she is in the home, as I think people have the image of a collie as having no ’off switch’. Lyra and I do a lot of different things together, long walks in the country, short walks in our local city parks, hours up our allotment, dog shows, agility, walks into the city centre, outings in the car, on the train and on the bus. But we also spend many hours cwtching quietly on the sofa. Lyra is more than a dog, more than a wonderful loving and fun companion, she has opened my world to a life I never knew existed and to a community of really lovely people dedicated to this vulnerable breed.”