Meeting Smooth Collies

The Smooth Collie is a numerically small breed here in the UK, so it can sometimes be difficult to know where to meet them. You may have met one on your travels, or maybe one lives near you, however if this is not the case we can help you track them down!

The Smooth Collie Club has a stand at both Discover Dogs events (March and October) where you can meet and talk to current owners and get cuddles from their dogs. See this page for details.

We welcome visits from potential new owners to our two shows held annually in May/June and August/September, where you can meet Smooth Collies and talk to people from all over the country who show, breed and take part in other activities with their dogs. Our two shows are the Open Show and the Championship Show (held in conjunction with City of Birmingham Championship Show).

It is also useful to try to visit breeders or owners of Smooth Collies at their homes, this will give you a very useful insight into what they are like to live with and also is an opportunity to talk to the owner/breeder in greater depth about your circumstances and whether a Smooth Collie is the right fit for you. A good starting point for contacting approved breeders is via our Puppies and Adults Available page. They may be able to arrange contact with someone in your area for you to visit, as a club we tend to have a good idea of who breeds and owns Smooths in different areas of the country.

It’s also worth checking out our club Facebook page, you can find local owners, ask questions about the breed and find out about future events.

So, what are you waiting for, get planning and come meet this beautiful and unique breed!