Breed Health Co-ordinator

The Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain are looking to appoint a Breed Health Co-ordinator on a voluntary basis.

Anyone interested in applying to the Club for this position does not have to be a current SCCGB Committee Member but would be a Member of the Club.

Role Description
  1. To be responsible for keeping up to date with Kennel Club policy on health and informing committee via a regular Breed Health Co-ordinator report (as and when information is relevant), making recommendations etc.
  2. To keep up to date with health issues particularly as they relate to collies.
  3. To maintain an up to date information base of health topics in a variety of formats for use at shows, seminars etc.
  4. To be able to assist owners with DNA buccal swabbing at events and advise on form completion and laboratory requirements.
  5. To keep a record of health results where these are shared with the Club by owners.

Please contact the Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain Secretary, Marianne Benton, if you would like to be considered for this role at