Update to the Club’s Health Subsidy Scheme

Thanks to a generous legacy from the late Lyn Howells (Dakotah), the Club is able to offer an increased level of subsidy to those UK Club members who choose to undertake DNA based health tests for their breeding stock. The level has now been set at 50%. We are all committed to breeding healthy dogs so that future generations can continue to enjoy our wonderful breed, and health tests are a useful tool to help inform our future breeding decisions. The tests available are, ideally, a full ‘collie’ screen from Animal Genetics which includes CEA, CN, DM, MDR1 and DMS at a current cost of £140, or, if you have already done the basic tests but would like to do the new DMS test, this can be done at Laboklin for £66 (prices as at November 2020). Other labs are available, but these are two that are most popular with collie folk.
The 50% subsidy is available to UK club members whose membership is up to date and is given as a refund on submission of proof of payment and agreement to having the Club hold the results on its database. The database is made available to members as part of our commitment to the breed.

If you need more information, please contact the Breed Health Coordinator on