Search & Rescue

Cownbred Finlay ‘Finn’

Finn and Stephen

Finn was born on the 29th of December 2007. He passed his operational mountain rescue search dog assessment in January 2011. He was trained as an air scenting dog so he did not need scent items from a missing person and consequently did not discriminate between people when searching.

Finn’s method of working was to quarter through an area until he crossed a scent cone and then follow it to source. Once he had located the person he would bark at their location and then return to me to indicate the find. He would then relay between me and the located person barking at me and the missing persons location until I arrived at the found person’s location. His favourite  reward was a game of fetch with a Kong toy.

Finn attended 74 searches in his life time and although it’s disappointing that he never had a find it’s more important that he never missed anyone. Search dogs are about 95% reliable and as such are a valuable resource enabling search controllers to cancel out packets of land from a search.

Stephen Garfalo

In 2016 Stephen Garafalo and his dog Finn (Cownbred Finlay) were presented with the Mary Hardy Award for outstanding achievement in their Search and Rescue role in the Lake District.