A Vulnerable Breed?

The Kennel Club is concerned with protecting those breeds of dog which are of British origin and are considered to be vulnerable i.e. those whose numbers are declining and whose status within the world of dogs has diminished over a number of years.

A decision was made in June 2003 that research would be undertaken to identify and confirm the relevant breeds and the extent and nature of their vulnerability. This research not only featured breeds of dog which are basically of British origin, but with the support of the Irish Kennel Club, the research also included native Irish breeds.

The work carried out concentrated on those breeds which achieve 300 or fewer registrations each year in the UK, and statistics were pulled together to identify the relevant breeds and the extent and nature of their vulnerability.

Subsequent to this research, the Kennel Club approached all the registered clubs of the breeds concerned for their views and enclosed a questionnaire to help identify ways in which each club currently works with breeders, owners and show societies to promote their breed.

It should be noted however, that the Smooth Collie has always had low registration figures and with larger populations existing in Europe and worldwide, it is felt that the breed is generally in a very good position.

For further information, please download this article which was first published in the Kennel Gazette in July 2017.