Class Winners – Dogs

Judge – Jane Doyle (Talcott) UK/Australia
Class 1 – Baby Puppy Dog (3-6 months old)

(22 entries/photographs)

Runner Up of Baby Puppy Classes

1st (133) Rylance Moonshine over Brackenhaye – Jo Denton

Critique “Hard choosing between 1st and 2nd, in the end I loved the natural stance of the blue, his depth of body, bone and clean head even though his colour is not his fortune, he is only a baby and it may clear.”

Class 2 – Puppy Dog (6-12 months old)

(23 entries/photographs)

Runner Up of Puppy Classes

1st (69) Blamorder Back To The Future – Brenda Trundley

Critique “Lovely natural stance, well proportioned and nicely balanced with pleasing expression and good colour.”

Class 3 – Yearling Dog (12-24 months old)

(19 entries/photographs)

Runner Up of Yearling Classes

1st (132) Shulune Imperial Galaxy – Rosemary Griffiths

Critique “Lovely young dog, stunning colour, masculine but elegant with good turn of stifle and adequate shoulder angulation. Fills the eye.”

Class 4 – Post Graduate Dog

(11 entries/photographs)

Winner of Post Graduate Classes

1st (212) Mabinogion King Arthur Pendragon – Anita van Bussel

Critique “Hard photo angle to judge so gave the benefit of the doubt that he has a tad more length of body than you can see. Good ear placement, stands four square, excellent colour.”

Class 5 – Limit Dog

(9 entries/photographs)

Winner of Limit Classes

1st (111) Glencorrie Beworthy for Astrellita – Stella & Marilyn Clark

Critique “Lovely front on this boy, would like a bit more second thigh but good angulation and tail set with sweeping top line and a pleasing head.”

Class 6 – Open Dog

(18 entries/photographs)

Winner of Open Classes

1st (128) Diamondfox Absolute Cloud Chaser – Varpu Nieminen

Critique “Pleasing blue with good top line and turn of stifle, nice length of neck and planes of head, feet a bit of a worry.”

Class 7 – Veteran Dog

(4 entries/photographs)

Winner of Veteran Classes

1st (362) Turella´s Biscuit Box – Irma & Jacoba Jeckel

Critique “Looking fabulous for his age, well proportioned, well angled, pleasing head.”

Class 8 – Senior Dog

(6 entries/photographs)

Runner Up of Senior Classes

1st (438) Multi CH Shiny Lake’s Dreams Of Night – Hilde & Tor-Håkon Bjørnstad

Critique “Good entry in this class but couldn’t go past this boy, from what I can see above the snow, he is a lovely shape and in tip top condition.”

Class 9 – Champion Dog

(22 entries/photographs)

Winner of Champion Classes

1st (35) Ch. Skye Fall – Gudrun Hartmann, Petra Czarnitzki & Uwe The Kaye

Critique “Stunning blue, extremely well balanced fore and aft, excellent topline, pleasing head.”