SCCGB Online Show 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when dog shows were cancelled worldwide, The Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain decided to run a free, online show on Facebook from 20th June to 4th July. The show was open to Smooth Collies all over the world and had an amazing entry of 458 photographs.

Best in Show

Judge – Charlotte Hoier (Swingers) Denmark

Dear exhibitors, first I want to congratulate you with this show. I have been judging a handful of on line shows lately during Corona lock down, but never one as well organized as this. You have a fabulous team working for the club. No wonder you support them and I hope you will continue to do so. When I have been telling judge colleagues about this show with 457 entries of smooth collies I think they thought I was exaggerating the numbers. Can you imagine if this has been a real show? Can’t even imagine a show with so many Smooth Collies, but can only dream it might happen once.

You can be proud of what you have achieved. So many lovely photos to look at. I have been impressed with the overall quality of dogs, many really nice dogs to look at. The quality of pictures has also been really good. As a BIS judge it is naturally that some of your favourites disappear along the way. That’s natural and part of the game. But overall I like the class winners I had to choose from. I am very honoured to have been a part of this world record show. I wish you all and the club all the best.”

Diamondfox Absolute Cloud Chaser – Varpu Nieminen

“A dog of very high class. Build for work. You want to let your hands go over his topline time after time and feel it. No brakes, nothing short. Only a string of long soft curves, He again has the attitude and he carries himself so well. Again we see a dog with no exaggerations and fitting angulations. Extremely nice head silhouette with a flat skull and a nice well filled underjaw. Lips could be tighter in the corners but that’s a small detail. Wonderful ear carriage and almond shaped eyes. Look at his well-rounded croup and the way his tail carriage almost has the same curve as the neck. Attractive color. He deserves so much to win BIS. Congratulations.”