SCCGB Online Show 2020

Best Puppy in Show
Bootylicious – Minna Saarinen

“From the moment I saw 24 she caught my eye. She has the silhouette I am looking for. Elegant and soft curves from the tip of her ears to the end of her perfectly carried tail. She has the swirl at the end of the tail so many collies unfortunately have lost. Ears are placed correct adding to her height giving the perfect profile. She has a completely flat skull and a very nice head piece with a well filled underjaw, correct eyes and stop. I love her nape of neck and the correct fore chest and elbows well under the body. She has the slight rise over the loin we want. So many Smooth Collies unfortunately today have back ends like German Shepherds. How come we accept that? A Smooth Collie is not going to be presented with the hind legs standing in ring nr. 11 and the body in ring nr. 10. This puppy stand perfectly balanced with no exaggerations in angulations. Another thing to love is her well rounded croup. A beautiful puppy with everything it takes to become a big winner. Wisher her all the best in the future.”

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Best Baby Puppy
Asa Nanica Deeply Needed – Irma & Jacoba Jeckel

Best Puppy
Bootylicious – Minna Saarinen