SCCGB Online Show 2020

Best Novelty in Show
Sandcastle´s King Of The Swing – Jana Semianová

“The winner was the dog which immediately caught my eyes as the coming BIS dog. Cat. Nr. 360 is for me so extremely close to the ideal Smooth Collie. He has got so much quality and he has this special aura of royalty around him. He is looking out in the horizon with this special soft and intelligent expression which to me is King in our breed. Again, a dog which stands balanced, not stretched out but solid with a leg in “each corner”. Perfectly angulated with the most beautiful neck and head. His ears doesn’t come any better – not often we see ears like that anymore. Flat skull, wonderful eyes. Beautiful coat and colour, almost orange. Nice long tail. Even dogs like him have their small weaknesses. His is the croup, which I think is falling off a bit too much, but nothing which disturb me at all. The main reason he isn’t my BIS is the fact that he has gone over the rainbow bridge. To be fair I think a BIS dog has to be alive. He is now sparkling in his heaven. A dog like him should have lived forever.”

Selected from:

Best Pet
Frodo Witfoot from Hobbits Home – Lieke Geurts

Best Brace/Group
Selbit Skaly and Tender Wind’s Majestic Maggie – Sari Mattero

Best Action Shot
Jack Mack’s Kadfael klis – Bärbel u. Bernhard Hofer

Best Rainbow Bridge
Sandcastle´s King Of The Swing – Jana Semianová