Online Show June-July 2020 – Meet the judges

Best in Show – Charlotte Hoier (Swingers) Denmark

“I have been deeply involved with dogs since I, as a 10 year old schoolgirl, entered my first dog show in 1964. When I was 13 years old I got a 3 month long leave from school, which gave me the opportunity to stay with the world-famous breeder, writer and Judge, Mrs. Margaret Osborne, ‘Shiel’ Kennels in England. I have been breeding Rough Collies (one litter every 2 to 3 years) since 1976 and I became a Judge in 1982. Since then I have been approved for all the British Sheepdogs and later for FCI Group’s 1 and 10 and later again from Group 9 and a handful of breeds in Group 2 and 5. I had the privilege to judge the first National Show held in Australia in 1985 and I have judged Collies at 3 World Dog Shows and at the big 50th Year Anniversary Show in Finland with a record entry. I am and will always be totally in love with Collies and have had Collies in my house for 54 years.”

Dogs – Jayne Doyle (Talcott)

“I come from a large family who always had animals so it was a natural progression. My first Collie was a rough but in the early 1970’s we went to a Collie Gathering at Tilehouse where I met Brenda and Brian Trundley with a beautiful litter or Smooths, one of which was ‘Treewood Golden Delight’ who came home with me that day. I had some fun showing her getting 1 x CC and numerous reserves including at Crufts, she later went to Sweden and became an International Champion as well as producing several litters. I also purchased a lovely tri bitch puppy from John Liversidge, ‘Jalondas Jacanapes’ who won Best of Breed at Crufts under Kay Alexander, a very well respected Breed Specialist. I had a litter from her but let her go to the Foxearth Kennel in 1976 when my first marriage ended and I moved to London.

I met my second husband Peter Doyle who was an Australian, so in 1983 we moved to Melbourne and I was able to get another Smooth, ‘Foxbell Blue Kimba’ and resume breeding and showing. Whilst I was in London I had taken a dog grooming course and managed to secure a great job in Melbourne enabling me to import a tri dog, ‘Foxearth Forebear’ and a little later, ‘Foxearth Frisson’ who whelped me a smashing litter in quarantine. In the early ’90’s we purchased a boarding kennels continuing to breed and show Smooths. Unfortunately Peter became very ill, but thanks to friends and family I managed to keep everything going. At this time a very special dog came into my life by chance, ‘Raaybeam Sunshine Dancer’. He wasn’t perfect, no dog is, but to me he was one of the soundest moving dogs I have ever seen, just so beautifully balanced, he helped me reestablish what I was looking for in my breeding. In 2002 I became involved in breeding Smooths for Service and Assistance dogs and have several working here and overseas. Then Christmas 2011 the lovely Minna came to stay and took a tri dog puppy back to Finland who she campaigned brilliantly, currently she is looking after my boy from the equally lovely Abby, on his way to Australia. I am not sure how many Champions I have bred or how many litters I have whelped. I do not normally Judge but I am a breeder first and foremost who grew up getting my eye in on horses and have a passion for Smooth Collies. I am really pleased to have been asked to Judge, it is quite an honour and I will do my best even though I am a hands on and movement person, so this is quite a challenge! Good Luck All.”

Bitches – Tuula Tikkanen (Timonan)

“My first Smooth Collie came into my life in 1986 and I have been breeding since 1990 (to date 39 litters). I have shown them a lot during the years and Dog Shows have been an important part of my life. Now, I have only old dogs at home, so even without Coronavirus our show weekends would have ended. Time will tell if I will get another one like my beloved ‘Lilli’ (Timonan Veronica Velvet) and the ‘dog show bug’ will bite me again! I am very honoured to be Judging your Online Show!”

Novelty – Bev White (Maneric)

“I have lived with Collies all my life so for some considerable time now! My parent’s had Rough Collies before I was born, and I began showing my own Rough Collies in 1979. The Smooth Collies entered my life in 1985 and slowly took over!

I have been very fortunate to own some truly beautiful Smooth Collies whose wins in the show ring have been tremendous and a credit to their breeders. Most of all, they have been wonderful family companions, usually taking up most of the sofa. I have never really been a breeder as I have always worked full time, but I take a keen interest in every aspect of our breed, including it’s history, pedigrees and health testing. Having been around for so long I have made a great many friends in the Collie World in this country and overseas. I enjoy the social side of owning Collies – nothing like a good chat and a picnic around the show ring! I get a great deal of enjoyment from Judging and have been very fortunate to have judged many times in this country and overseas – a definite highlight being Crufts where I had a marvellous entry of top-quality Smooth Collies to go over. I have also been involved in the administration of the Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain since the mid 1980’s. I have held a number of positions, Secretary (a few times!), webmaster, breed health coordinator, newsletter editor and currently Chairperson. I also have the pleasure to support the training of judges and others who wish to know more about our breed, I deliver the presentation on the history of the breed and interpretation of the breed standard as part of the Judges Education Programme. I am thrilled to be part of the judges’ panel for the Club’s Online Show! So many wonderful entries from all over the World – if only this were a real show what a sight it would make! I am sure there will be some difficult decisions to make but whatever the outcome of the judgements, you will all be ‘taking the best dog home’! My best wishes to you all.”