Give a Dog a Genome Project

Give a Dog a Genome was launched by The Animal Health Trust in January 2016 with the aim of sequencing the entire genome (all the DNA required to ‘make a dog’) of 50 dogs, one from 50 different breeds, to create the UK’s largest canine genome bank, a tool to aid all future AHT canine genetic investigations.

Demand from Breed Clubs to be included in this pioneering project was so high the project was quickly extended to include 75 breeds, with additional funding from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust. Breed clubs were asked to match the funding from the Trust and a GoFundMe campaign was set up by the Smooth Collie Club. This quickly raised £1000 thanks to the enormous generosity of club members and Smooth Collie owners & breeders and enabled the Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain to secure a place for the Smooth Collie amongst the breeds chosen.

Before selecting which dog’s DNA should be sequenced for each breed, a self-reported Breed Health Summary was conducted by asking the Breed Health Coordinators to identify top health concerns amongst the 75 breeds involved. Key themes emerging from the health summary were eye diseases, such as PRA and glaucoma, and epilepsy.

23rd August 2017

Update from the Give a Dog a genome project:

‘After considering all of the evidence available we have decided that at the moment it will be most useful to sequence a dog with Degenerative Myelopathy. This work will be conducted in collaboration with Prof Gary Johnson at University of Missouri. Fortunately we already have high quality DNA from a suitable dog available to us and we therefore do not need to obtain any samples at this time.’