For established & upcoming judges & show secretaries

For Show Secretaries there is a list of judges to download that meet the Club criteria. For inclusion on the Club list please read our criteria and complete an application form. The Club also runs a popular judges’ training programme held in three parts:

  1. For aspiring judges with no previous experience or for those wishing to learn more about assessing the Smooth Collie but who do not wish to judge.
  2. For those with some experience who wish to advance within the Club’s list and progress towards CC status.
  3. For those experienced judges wishing to gain promotion to the Club’s A list.

Information will be published on this website when further Breed Appreciation Days are planned.

​Special classes are also being added to SCCGB Open Shows to enable experienced judges to have hands-on experience and obtain sufficient numbers to proceed up the lists.

Please contact the Club Secretary  for more information and completed forms should be sent to:

Marianne Benton, Meadow Cottage, Denton Road, Bedingham, Bungay NR35 2AU