SCCGB Open Show (2), 14 May 2022 – Critique

Judge: Miss Abby Lusty (Blamorder)

Thank you to the Smooth Collie Club for inviting me to judge their Open show. The venue was brilliant with good sized rings which really let the dogs show their movement to advantage. Temperaments on all the dogs were excellent. Several were parting with their coats which is to be expected at this time of year. I found fronts to be generally very good across the entry which I was really pleased with. Rears could have been better on several dogs, its hard to say if this is construction or conditioning.

MPD (1,0) 1. WENSLEY Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive. 8 month old tricolour. Very raw baby who needs lots of time to get to his best. He has all the makings of a nice dog but he just isn’t there yet. Head is very well balanced with correct stop. Good ear set and well placed dark eyes gives a very pleasing expression. Good arched neck in to good shoulders. He is a little steep in upper arm but as he matures his front should develop. He was very unsettled on the move and has a tendency to pace, once he gets into a steady gait he can move well. I look forward to seeing him mature. BMPD BPD BMPIB

PD (3,2) 1. WENSLEY Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive

JD (1,0) 1. WENSLEY Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive

YD (1,0) 1. RIVA Manordeifi Rock on. 20 month old shaded sable and white. Another dog that needs lots of time. Head handles well, good length, correct stop and good fill of muzzle. Well placed eye but they could be darker which would enhance an otherwise pleasing expression. Good neck, front and length of back, he is very gangly and needs more weight on him which will most likely come in time. He was quite unsettled on the move and would benefit from some more training. Today he looked a bit unbalanced but I think, when mature, he will be a nice dog. He is the most beautiful colour and won Best Sable in the colour class later that day.

PGD (2,1) RIVA’s Manordeifi Rock On

LD (5,2) Difficult class

1. MARTIN Shandlmain Blu Chief. 3yr old Blue merle. Substantial dog with plenty of bone. Head a little deep through but decent length and flat enough. He excels in front with a good layback of shoulder, return of upper arm and plenty of fore chest. On the move he is sound but he could be more positive in rear action. BD BOS

2. HOWARD Jack Mack’s Va Buidhinn Of Shandlmain (IMP DEU) 4yr old Tricolour dog. Sire to 1. Many of the same comments apply. Ear set a little wide but I’m sure he could have put a little more effort in and got them up. Excellent front again and he has better length of back than his son but was not as positive on the move in the class. However moved much better when he came back in to be awarded RBD

3. MOORES Manordeifi Bow Regard. 5yr old Sable and White male. This dog has plenty to like and is a lovely type. However he found himself down the line as today he was not looking his best at all. Its a shame as he is a nice boy but could go no further today. Hope to see him back in condition another time.

VD (1,1)

MPB (2,2)

PB (5,3) Two lovely puppies

1. RICHARDSON Lizoni Va Va Voom. 10 month old Tricolour. Presented a lovely outline. Good head which still needs a little time to settle. Lovely eye giving beautiful expression once she used her ears. Good length of neck in to well placed shoulders and good return of upper arm. Good chest for a young pup, excellent ribbing and strong rear. The longest tail. Coat is jet black and she was presented beautifully. If she learns to settle on the move and show off her ears she should do very well. BPIB

2. LEICH Koczkodan Good As Gold. Very pretty Sable and white bitch. Balanced with good angles, not quite as good a front as the winner however still nicely made. Good flat skull, well placed eyes but they were a bit light which spoiled her expression. Maybe on a less sunny day she could have gotten away with it. Moved well when she settled. RBP

JB (1,1)

SYB (5,3)

1. MOORES Manordeifi Rose Blossom. Nearly 2yr old Sable and White bitch. Very pretty head, well placed stop, dark eye, lovely expression. She is very well made with good angles front and rear. She would benefit from some more body on her but she is still young. Her lack of experience let her down when stood however, she came in to her own on the move. Effortless action, great reach and drive, maintaining her topline throughout. She was the best mover of the day which ultimately meant I had to award her RBB and RBOB. I hope that with some training and time she will mature into a very promising show dog. I was thrilled to see her go on to be awarded RBIS under the BIS judge.

2. HOWARD Shandlmain Sofistikate. A little sweetheart. 18 month old tricolour. Well bodied and another from this kennel with very good front assembly and fore chest. She was well off for bone and was well balanced. I would prefer her head to be a bit cleaner through with a better placement of stop. She moved out well but couldn’t match the winner.

PGB (3,1) Two Tricolour bitches who were very different. When they came in the ring I was sure they would be placed the other way around however ‘Sweet Dreams’ let herself down on the move.

1. DENTON Brackenhaye Heart and Soul. 2yrs old. Longer cast of the two she had good length of back with good ribbing. Head flat with correct stop and well placed eyes, ears used to advantage to give a pleasing expression although she is heavier in head than I would like and a little deep through. She is a slightly steep in shoulder and I would like a longer neck. She has a strong rear and good hocks but a better bend of stifle would improve her. On the move she was very sound. Reach and drive could be better but it was still a pleasing and balanced action.

2. RICHARDSON Koczkodan Sweet Dreams of Lizoni. 2yrs old. More compact bitch than 1, wish she was a touch longer in loin. Feminine head with well placed eye and ears used to advantage giving the desired expression. Good front with decent fore chest. Her construction suggested she would move well however in reality she made a mess of it. She didn’t seem to settle and Heart and Soul’s sound gait could not be denied. I hope to see her settle on another day.

LB (7,4)

1. COWLINGS Koczkodan Serenity. 5yr old Tricolour. Very balanced bitch who presented a lovely outline. I judged this bitch as a puppy and looking back at my comments then much of the same applies. Her head is still not her fortune, her stop is a bit low and her muzzle could be fuller but it didn’t offend. She is really well made with excellent front and rear, she is in hard condition and she has matured fantastically. Harsh coat of excellent colour. She was my clear winner of this class and would have gone further except for her movement which wasn’t very together today. I know she can go better than that but I have to judge the dog on the day.

2. HOWARD Brackenhaye Heartbreaker at Shandlmain. 2yr old tricolour bitch that is well up to size. Good length of skull but it still needs time to settle. She has good bone. Good length of upper arm and fore chest. Correct coat and good length of back. Her rear needs to be stronger, she doesn’t have the necessary power in her hocks to drive around the ring.

3. MARTIN Sturtmoor Kurious Kadence. 7yr old tricolour. Ideal for size with good length of back. Wide in back skull which effected her eye placement and expression. Ears used well. Upright in front and could do with more angulation behind. Moved ok.

OB (1,0)

1. DENTON Ch Brackenhaye Shape O’My Heart. 6yr old tricolour. I love this bitch. Beautifully balanced with excellent length of back presenting a stunning outline. Head is feminine, flat with correctly placed stop. If I could change anything I would give her a darker eye and a touch more fill in fore face but she is lovely as she is. Good neck in to well placed shoulders, good length of upper arm and good fore chest. Excellent ribbing, strong rear with powerful hocks. Correct double coat of good texture. Good length of tail. On the move she is very very sound with good reach and drive. A very correct collie. Thank you for bringing her. Easily BB and BOB – not surprised to see her go BIS. Well done.

VB. (5,3)
Three veterans who are proof of how well this breed ages. A pleasure to go over them.

1. BEENEY Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil. 10yr old sable and white. Presented an excellent outline. In good hard condition. Her head is flat, I would prefer more fill of foreface and a better placed stop but she still has the desired expression. She has a good strong neck with good shoulders and enough upper arm, well made rear. Moved very soundly to win this class. Very pleased that she also went on to win overall Best veteran and the lovely Veteran Painting. Well Done.

2. MOORES Tomalca ButtonsnBows at Manordeifi. 10yr old bitch. Smaller bitch than the winner. Very feminine bitch. Good flat skull with lovely dark eye. Well made with good angles. Moved very soundly. Losing her topline now but still a lovely collie.

3. BENTON Oakestelle Venus De Milo VW 8yr old blue merle. Beautiful blue merle colour. Very feminine bitch, would like a bit more of her. Sound on the move but had a tendency to move a little wide behind.