SCCGB Open Show (2), 14 May 2022 – BIS Critique

Judge: Hannah Walder (Hanvale)

Thank you to the committee for your kind invitation to judge these awards and for your hospitality on the day; the venue was perfect and the large open rings were exactly what collies need to show themselves at their best.

BIS Ch Brackenhaye Shape O’My Heart
It was my pleasure to award Best in show to this beautiful tri girl, she stands with a captivating presence, and a pleasing outline in profile. Nicely proportioned with sweeping reach of neck, and good length of back to height ratio. She is particularly well angulated at the rear and moved around the ring with effortless drive and purpose, every bit the sheepdog and completely fit for function, holding her topline. She has clean head planes, correct well placed stop, enquiring expression, and simply showed herself beautifully.

RBIS Manordeifi Rose Blossom
Not the flashy showmanship of the BIS winner but this bitch had to be handled to be appreciated; all round she is a very sound bitch with a clean head and pretty expression who again moved around the ring with reach, and drive.

BOSIS Afterglow Invocation
I was pleased to be able to judge this masculine boy who has a real presence about him and is the most spectacular mahogany sable; he was presented in gleaming condition, really shining in the sunshine on the day. A super nature to him, with a good reach of neck when standing in profile, he moved freely around the ring with good rear drive.

BPIS Ladnar Izadorable
Lovely young blue bitch, every bit the showgirl, in good coat, and perfectly turned out. Presents a nice profile outline, well-proportioned with good reach of neck and nice topline. Head handles well, ears used to present a pleasing expression. Moved very soundly for a puppy.

RBPIS Mejola Main Event
Have seen this young lady in the ring on a number of occasions and she really has one of the most lovely outlines in profile, such a good reach of neck and so well put together construction wise both front and rear. I find her very well balanced and proportioned and she’s very composed and sound on the move. Head handles really nicely, I liked her a lot, certainly a very promising young lady with an exciting future ahead of her.

BMPIS Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive
Eight month old tri dog, lots of promise, well presented and sympathetically handled. Well proportioned and balanced youngster, always a difficult age to judge a young dog but everything in the right place at this age, just needs a little more composure on the move.

BVIS Ladnar Inkheart
I have never had the pleasure of judging this veteran bitch and I found her quite lovely. Head is clean and unexaggerated, skull is flat with parallel planes, her expression pleasing, soft and enquiring with well shaped almond eye. Another who was gleaming and in beautiful condition. She is well proportioned with good length of back and she moved soundly with both grace and purpose.

RBVIS Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark
I couldn’t believe that this s/w bitch was 10 years old, she really has retained her head patterns well with nice parallel lines, and a very pleasing expression. Lovely shape, well held topline, good reach of neck. Moved soundly, and still very light on her toes, a credit to her owner.

BVinIs Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark (as above)